About Us

Whole and Redeemed is a survivor-owned and survivor-led ministry.

Our Story

In January of 2019 two friends got together for coffee. Over mint tea and a chai latte, Kate and Laura confided in each other that God had been calling them to start a ministry for survivors of sexual assault. A series of sexual assaults, broken responses by the church, and the healing power of Jesus convinced them that they needed to bridge the gap between the Church and survivors. Amazed by God’s sovereignty to connect them, they began to pray for God’s will for the ministry. God has continued to align their hearts as they bring unique perspectives and assets to the ministry.

After graduating from the University of Denver they both began working in college ministry in the Denver area. Working with college students has shown them God’s sovereignty in where he has placed them. According to RAINN 23.1% of female and 5.4% of male undergraduates experience some form of sexual violence in college. These heartbreaking statistics affirm that college age survivors are a crucial part of their ministry. However, Kate and Laura’s vision doesn’t stop there. In God’s will and timing, they look ahead to expanding their ministry to reach survivors and churches across the world.

Laura Anderson


Laura is the co-creator of Whole and Redeemed. She was born & raised in Florida until she moved to Colorado to attend the University of Denver. At DU, she earned Bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and Spanish. She now lives in Denver, where she works as a campus minister with the college ministry, Cru. Laura enjoys time in nature, listening to audiobooks, and making charcuterie boards with her roommates.

Laura’s journey to starting Whole and Redeemed began in her teen years, when she started to face sexual assault and harrassment from peers, and found no comfort or empowerment from her church. As a new Christian, this shook her faith in God’s love for her…until she went to college and found Christians who assured her that Jesus wept with her & who helped her to pursue justice and reconciliation from the assaults she experienced in both high school and college. God’s heart for survivors now seemed clear to her, so she was confused when she couldn’t find any Jesus-centered resources for adult survivors. It was at that moment that God started calling Laura to create those resources herself…and after she realized in 2019 that God had put the same dream in Kate’s heart, Whole and Redeemed was born!

Kate Paterson


Kate is the co-creator of Whole and Redeemed. She firmly believes that Jesus is the ultimate Healer. As a survivor of sexual assault she can testify to God’s healing and redemptive power in her own story. She was sexually assaulted while studying abroad in college. The help of a fellow exchange student and her college ministry mentor helped her realize that what had happened to her was not consensual. This began the long process of healing. Along this journey, she became frustrated by the lack of Christian resources for survivors. Her own healing journey had only been possible through the combination of mental health counseling and God’s power. Yet she constantly felt like she had to choose between quality mental health care and genuine Christ-centered resources. When she met Laura this crystalized to a firm conviction that the Church should be a place for survivors to find true and lasting healing and that it was woefully failing at this. Kate is passionate about using her own healing journey to help other survivors and to equip the Church to be Jesus’ redemptive hands and feet. She hopes to eventually get her masters in counseling from Denver Seminary to more fully equip herself for the work to which God has called her. 

Kate was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. She has a BA in Spanish from the University of Denver. She works as a college missionary with Campus Ambassadors Christian Community at the University of Denver. Her myriad of hobbies include mermaid swimming, knitting, choir, and dance.

Our Values

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